Here at Executive Extracts we strive to become the leading provider of 100% legal terpenes, concentrates and other essential oils in the UK. Our products are for both the home consumer and commercial businesses at wholesale prices across the country.

We are a new company based in the North-East of England with the sole purpose of giving the very best products and service to our customers.

We only offer extremely high quality materials that are extremely hard to find at very competitive prices. Our company also prides itself on excellent customer service and are always looking to work with our clients budgets and needs.


About our partner ABSTRAX:


Mission Statement

ABSTRAX are a family of scientists, farmers, and pioneers working toward the development of a modern, global industry.  Their communal focus led to the opening of Abstrax Tech., the hub of their composite knowledge and experience within the terpene spectrum. While distribution and research are a part of their world, they specialize in the increasingly dynamic field of terpene manufacturing, as their award-winning track record can attest. We have years of experience and all the necessary tools to help you achieve success regardless of operation size.


ABSTRAX see a new product vending system that eliminates the current bootleg practices endangering our communities in favour of a consistent flow of high-quality, organic merchandise. We believe in reliable tracking procedures from seed to sale.

ABSTAX Responsibilities:

  • Product Quality –Only high quality material is utilized in the production of high quality products, from our creation or that of any of the operations of our partners.
  • Sustainability – In an increasingly dynamic marketplace of ever changing politics and policies, they recognise the necessity of creating a terpene company that will be operating 10, 20, and 100 years from now. They endeavour tirelessly to ensure we create a sustainable company that our customers, partners, and employees can trust.
  • Partners – They always seek to create win-win networks for our partners, all customers, and ourselves. Together, we create more than the sum of all parts.
  • Planet – Now, more than ever, we need to be considerate of our environment – to be responsible citizens of the world. Through systematic research and development, we continuously refine and update our techniques with the ultimate goal of making a more sustainable community.
  • Portfolio – As the terpene community grows, so do needs for the variety of products we are happy to offer our partners and clients. We aim to bring online a large portfolio of brands and products, suitable to every need of the emerging community.
  • Productivity – They work with discipline, purpose, and enthusiasm in order to be efficient and effective in getting results.

About ABSTRAX Terpenes:

Abstrax knows what it takes to win extract awards. Their  adherence to quality begins with the absolute best starting materials. Abstrax Terpenes are all completely organic terpenes and terpenoids sourced from plants found all around the world and distilled multiple times to achieve the absolute best quality. Their terpenes are 100% free of fillers like PG, VG, MCT, and coconut oil. No added fillers equates to low-dose and high-potency. Additionally, Their terpenes and terpene strain profiles are certified for being solvent-less, natural, organic, GMO-free, filler-free, and food grade. Ensuring against cross-contamination or adulteration, all their products are produced in an ISO certified facility in accordance with current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP). Thus, they will not offer them for sale until they know they are a perfect fit. Every strain profile is originally based upon several lab results of the same strain that are continually analyzed and further refined through a series of proprietary testing. These tests ensure that the flavor of the strain profile is as close to the flavor of the unique flower as humanly possible. They offer proven strain profiles for mixing, isolates toward experimenting with new flavors, or custom solutions for those seeking unique proprietary strain formulations.